The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist Excel Template: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Download Free SEO Audit CheckList Excel Template. Even the most seasoned SEOs occasionally become stressed out by SEO since it is a large machine with many small moving components.

So how can you ensure that everything is running smoothly?

Download our free SEO audit checklist Excel to increase your understanding of why these site issues are so crucial.

Some of the best sites are :

The SEO industry and web technologies are always evolving (thanks, Google algorithm tweaks). By downloading this Excel, you may monitor for issues with:


Your website’s most vital pages must all be crawlable by search engine bots. Additionally, maintaining the health of your website entails making sure that crawlers cannot access any of the sites you don’t want to be indexed. Make sure there are no mistakes in your robots.txt and XML sitemap so they work for you rather than against you.


You won’t be able to search for a website that isn’t included in Google’s index. Indexability refers to how easily Google’s crawlers can locate and index the material on your website, making it simpler for users to find while searching.

Happy visitors and crawlers are the result of the material on your site being organised well. You’ll learn how to make URLs that are search engine friendly and how to utilise a site checker to verify every internal and external link on your website for errors and bad redirects.

On-Page Issues

The SEO community long ago proclaimed on-page content as king, and it still reigns today. For both itself and its courtiers-meta tags, it needs extra attention. You need to take care of annoying duplication, clumsy titles, pointless headers, and blah descriptions that sap your pages’ SEO value.

Technical SEO – SEO Audit Checklist Excel Template

 SEO Audit Checklist Excel Template

I won’t mind waiting even though this website is taking so long to load, no one ever remarked. If you don’t start putting a proactive emphasis on speed and solid coding, obsolete technology, unoptimized graphics, and badly coded HTML will drive you off of Google’s first page. Of course, there is also mobile optimisation.


Every Website must have Https . HTTPS is a required component in today’s world. Search Engines like Google, Bing etc ranks websites which have good Security with HTTPS.


In this way, you can easily perform the SEO audit and improve your website ranking and create a high-traffic and revenue-generating website.