Devops MCQ Questions for 2023

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In the current world of software Development, Delivering high-quality software is a must. Hence the need for a DevOps Engineer is a must in today’s world. In this blog, we will see the Different questions asked in an interview for DevOps Position in 2023. Here are some of the best Devops MCQ Questions that will be asked in interview

Question 1: What is the main goal of Continuous Integration (CI) in DevOps?

A) Automating the deployment process

B) Increasing collaboration between teams

C) Testing and integrating code frequently

D) Optimizing the production environment

Answer: C) Testing and integrating code frequently

Question 2: What does the acronym “CD” stand for in Continuous Delivery/Deployment?

A) Continuous Deployment

B) Continuous Design

C) Continuous Distribution

D) Continuous Documentation

Answer: A) Continuous Deployment

Question 3: Which tool is commonly used for containerization in DevOps?

A) Kubernetes B) Jenkins C) Ansible D) Nagios

Answer: A) Kubernetes

Question 4: What does the “S” in “DevSecOps” represent?

A) Security B) Service C) Scalability D) System

Answer: A) Security

Question 5: Which practice involves automatically provisioning and managing infrastructure through code?

A) Infrastructure as Code (IaC) B) Continuous Integration (CI) C) Continuous Delivery (CD) D) Agile Development

Answer: A) Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Question 6: Which term describes the process of making code changes from one environment to another?

A) Deployment B) Integration C) Version Control D) Monitoring

Answer: A) Deployment

Question 7: Which practice aims to identify and address software defects early in the development process?

A) Continuous Monitoring B) Continuous Improvement C) Continuous Testing D) Continuous Deployment

Answer: C) Continuous Testing

Question 8: Which tool is often used for automating build and deployment processes in DevOps?

A) GitLab B) JIRA C) Splunk D) Bamboo

Answer: D) Bamboo

Question 9: Which practice involves regularly capturing and analyzing metrics to optimize system performance?

A) Continuous Integration (CI) B) Continuous Delivery (CD) C) Continuous Monitoring D) Continuous Deployment

Answer: C) Continuous Monitoring

Question 10: Which concept focuses on breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration between development and operations teams?

A) Agile Development B) Continuous Integration (CI) C) DevOps D) Waterfall Model

Answer: C) DevOps

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